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Veepeal porkavad pallid

WABOBA EXTREME and WABOBA SURF are on water bouncing balls. Have you ever thought that a ball could bounce on water?
On that idea came our Swedish neighbours and now we are happy to introduce those balls to you.
Waboba offers maximized fun in small packages. The product is made to bring fun to the beach, backyard, street and pool.

Wababo Surf   Pallid, Waboba surf

The WABOBA SURF is the newest addition to our line of water bouncing balls. It is a bit softer than the Extreme, making it perfect for all around family fun at the ocean, lake, or river. Skip it, throw it, bounce it back and forth; however way you play, it will provide great fitness fun for hours until the sun goes down.

Waboba Extreme   bounches on water, Waboba Extreme

Play life to the extreme! The Waboba Extreme is the most versatile of all the Waboba balls. It is perfect for all open water play at the beach, lake, or even the local city fountain. Its ability to bounce high and fast makes it a fun and challenging water sport to be enjoyed by everyone. With its extreme wow factor, you’ll get attention everywhere you take your Waboba ball.

Waboba Kahuna   Big Kahuna
Catch the big one! The BIG KAHUNA is our largest, most versatile Waboba ball yet. Take it anywhere there is water!
* Our biggest, most versatile Waboba ball yet!
* Take it anywhere – pools, lakes, sea, etc.!
* Recommended age: 5...

Waboba Pro   veepeal põrkavad Pallid, Waboba Pro
Step up and go pro! Master the official Waboba game with the official ball. Start a team and make Waboba Pro a part of your active lifestyle. The Waboba Pro is an upgrade to the Extreme with its slightly larger size, giving it more engineered stability and post-bounce accuracy. Best for advanced players and teams determined to master the official game. Have fun. Stay fit. Dominate.


Waboba Moon   Pallid, Waboba Moon
The Waboba new ball MOON has bounced up on land. It gives you special feeling to bounce the Moon. The ball has extreme bounce rate, crazy spin, unique material and magnificent look.


Waboba Flyer   Pallid, Waboba Flyer
The Waboba Flyer offers great fitness and a fun twist on badminton. The oversized shuttlecock and its rubber impact zone creates a dynamic, yet stable trajectory that improves hand eye coordination. Hit the Flyer with your hands, knees, feet or even your head to keep it off the ground any way you can. Best to play with two or more people, so challenge your opponents to a fun, new game to play at the beach, park, or backyard!



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